Company Proposition

Company Proposition

Halal Product

Our products have been processed according to Islamic halal standards

High Quality and Hygiene

We are commited to providing quality products that are always monitored for cleanliness

Variety Product

As an importer and distributor company, we provide, a variety of frozen products such as beef, chicken, buffalo meat, potato products, frozen vegetables, etc

Cold Chain Infrastructure

Good internal supervision in the process of allocating or moving products from one warehouse to another, wherein every transmigration all products must go through a strict control

Geographical Coverage

As a company engaged in the import and distributor of frozen products, we strive to reach customers from various segments. Our company has 12 branches spread across several regions in Indonesia

Technology Implementation

We always strive to provide services and control of our products by innovating technology, one of which is using mobile racking at the Cinangka Warehouse which can accommodate as many as 4000 M Ton products. With the implementation of mobile racking, warehouse capacity becomes more maximum, stock inventory is more controlled because it is more easily monitored by the company's ERP system