Welcome to Agro Boga Utama

Agro Boga Utama was established since 2007. Agro Boga Utama is a company engaged in the field of "food service" which provides a variety of frozen products such as beef, lamb, seafood, vegetables, chicken, duck, potatoes, dairy products and others , all of which have halal certification as well as licenses recognized and tested by the state.


Agro Boga Utama has been active for 10 years, in that age we have become a market leader who is able to become the main distributor of the Indonesian people's need for premium quality food. The scope of our service has been very wide and accepted by all circles, both in traditional markets and modern markets. With high dedication we continue to commit to serve and meet the demand for food supplies to all corners of Indonesia.


The founders of the company are very aware, currently the standard quality of food in the market is still very low, this is the opportunity as well as the trigger for us to be able to provide quality products at affordable prices.



To realize the desire we have to make innovations related to service and control the quality of our products. We have a cold storage with high technology standards so that the quality of our product quality is maintained. Our warehouse is able to accommodate as much as 4000MT of products with distribution turnover of 150 tons every day. The development of a good system becomes our consistent focus for our services to keep pace with the development of consumer needs, it is one form of our concern for the satisfaction of our customers.

We have a well-planned and great delivery system with a fleet equipped with a cooling machine, so that the delivery reach does not pose any risk to product conditions.


We have a professional team in their field, so all the information related to the product also the solution of consumer needs we can provide in a short time.

In accordance with customer demand, the distribution network of Agro Boga Utama is increasingly widespread, we are not only a supplier in Java Island, we open branches in several islands in Indonesia such as Palembang branch on Sumatra island, Makassar Branch on Sulawesi Island, Balikpapan Branch, samarinda, Pontianak and Banjarmasin on the island of Borneo, Denpasar branch on the island of Bali. And branch bandung, bekasi, Jakarta on the island of Java.


Our marketing strategy is to provide maximum services, reasonable prices, quality products and easy access to all consumers so that we can all move forward and grow together.

Agro Boga Utama has proven its ability as Indonesia's premier meat and frozen importer, prioritizing innovation for development planning and will continue to consolidate its move to continue to be the first choice distributor .

Agro Boga Utama "Your Trusted Partner In Food Service".



Our Values

As an organization, Agro Boga Utama emphasizes to all employees and its components to comply with the predetermined positive values, when simultaneously done then this value will crystallize into a Good Culture:


is the ultimate value in everything we do-from development ideas to adopting cutting-edge technology, innovating what makes us "market leaders" in the industry.


is an absolute commitment to building a transparent and fair relationship, which will safeguard all our actions to people inside and outside the company. It is the foundation for the establishment of trust as a way to forge mutual relationships with all partners and stakeholders for the long term.


Form the value of the perfection of service we offer to all related parties as a manifestation of our desire to satisfy all partners and also consumers.

Respect & Collaboration

We appreciate all forms of suggestions and contributions of all parties, in order to improve the quality of service. So that formed a building process as a form of collaboration between us, partners, principal, and consumers.




Our Service

The Stakeholders at Agro Boga Utama recognize that the strength and capabilities of our team personnel must be able to realize the Company's Vision and Mission, we also understand that at the time of execution must require high standards in terms of supporting infrastructure, including coldstorage and cold-logistic circuits, good operation system, high product quality and cost efficiency, all of these things will realize maximum results so as to increase customer satisfaction.



Our team consists of dedicated, hardworking and service-oriented individuals, loyalty, integrity, reliability and innovation. Overall these factors will be assessed as the level of professionalism of Agro Boga Utama.

Agro Boga Utama employs more than 800 employees from all over Indonesia, to ensure satisfaction of our customers in terms of service standards, product availability, competitive pricing and consistency.



Agro Boga Utama realizes that every individual plays an important role in achieving customer satisfaction, and it needs to be trained regularly and intensively.

Continuous and sustainable improvement is the key to being the best. Agro Boga Utama encourages all aspects through consistent training and a clear career path.


Agro Boga Utama believe, Innovation is one of the most important factors to achieve customer satisfaction. Adding variety and improving the quality of products & services to customers will make the relationship better. Agro Boga Utama always strives to be the best for our customers, thus establishing long-term cooperative relationships.


Agro Boga Utama is very concerned about the security and food quality. Therefore we not only manage but also assess, protect, and improve its security. It is not only for product integrity but also for improving our business process. In Agro Boga Utama this will be supported also with good operational standards.



Partnering with Agro Boga Utama, you will definitely be dealing with a structured business organization that has a cutting edge, sophisticated and wide-ranging IT ERP system. Therefore our system can provide fast, accurate and reliable data. So as to minimize errors or misunderstandings, and optimize the performance of all departments. "Close enough" is not enough for us and our partners. We always try to optimize the performance in order to provide maximum satisfaction for customers, as a form of Vision and Mission company.


Vision Mision

Our vision is to be one of the preferred companies in Indonesia as a provider of frozen food with a wide selection of diverse, high-quality, fresh and halal-certified products.

It is this view which then makes it a form of corporate ideals and missionIt is this view which then makes it a form of corporate ideals and mission

Our mission is to be a leading company that provides benefits, efficiency and reliability in terms of high quality, hygienic, healthy and halal products. Ensure all the needs of our business partners are met, so that the business grows and prosper. With these achievements can certainly make us as a trusted company, qualified and reliable.